Debian derivatives census results

The files and directories below are the results created by the Debian derivatives census scripts and are based on the information from the Debian derivatives census. If you have any questions, please contact the Debian derivatives frontdesk.

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[PARENTDIR]Parent Directory  -  
[   ]check-sources-list2018-10-27 05:10 25 Potential issues with the sources.list snippet
[DIR]debian.apt/2019-06-20 00:00 - Debian apt package data, including Release/Package/Sources files
[   ]debian.sources.list2019-03-08 05:43 149 Debian sources.list snippets
[   ]homepage2018-10-27 05:10 21 URL to the homepage
[   ]name2018-10-27 05:10 7 Long name
[   ]sources.files2019-03-07 10:24 3 YAML mapping between SHA-1 and other hashes of modified files
[   ]sources.log.old2018-01-05 00:41 37 Log file from the compare-source-package-list script
[TXT]sources.log.warnings2018-01-05 00:41 0 Errors and warnings from the log file
[   ]sources.new2019-03-07 10:24 3 Source packages that were never in Debian
[   ]sources.patches.dd-list2018-11-01 23:58 0 Maintainer/Uploaders data for the packages
[   ]sources.stamp2018-01-05 00:41 0 Implementation detail due to a deficiency in make
[   ]status2018-10-27 05:10 9 Derivative's status (active/inactive)
[TXT]wiki.txt2018-10-20 05:48 1.1KThe text version of the wiki pages
[TXT]wiki.txt.remote-timestamp2018-10-20 05:48 0 Remote timestamp to reduce downloading

Debian derivatives census code, input data and contacts are available. Sponsored by LeaseWeb.